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Item Number: RSIU-REF
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Condition: Refurbished
Description: Serial Interface 1 To 4 Circuits
Price: 5.00
Toshiba RSIU-REF


Product Description:

Serial Interface Card. Provides 1 serial port for DK 424 and 424i Systems. 1 RSIU per system supports up to 3 RSIS daughter cards for additional ports.

The RSIU is a standard plug-in type PCB that must be installed into the first universal slot of the DK424 base cabinet. The RSIU PCB provides one standard RS-232 port (modular jack) when ordered from the factory; this port can be configured in system programming to support any one of the hardware options listed above.

The RSIU can be equipped with up to three more optional RS-232 ports (total of four RS-232 ports) or with two optional RS-232 ports and one modem port (total of three RS-232 ports and one modem port). The optional RS-232 ports are provided by installing RSIS piggy-back PCBs onto the RSIU PCB. The optional built-in modem is provided by installing an RMDS piggy-back PCB onto the RSIU (see Figure 7-38 in Chapter 8-DK40/DK424 Universal Slot PCB Wiring).

The RSIS PCB can support any one of the hardware devices listed above via its RS-232 modular jack. The RMDS PCB can function two ways: the RMDS can operate like an RSIS allowing it to support any one of the hardware devices listed above locally from its RS-232 modular jack; or, the RMDS can operate as a 1200 bps (bits-per-second) or 2400 bps system remote maintenance modem.

The total bits-per-second (bps) data rate of the four RSIU, RSIS, RMDS (RS-232/modem) ports combined cannot exceed 9600 bps. The RSIU, RSIS RS-232 ports can be individually set in system programming to operate at 1200 bps, 4 ports max.; 2400 bps, 3 ports max.; 4800 bps, 2 ports max.; or 9600 bps, 1 port max.; or, any other combination that does not exceed 9600 bps. The RMDS modem function can be set to operate at 1200 bps or 2400 bps; however, if the RMDS port is used as a RS-232 port instead of a modem, it can also be set for 4800 bps or 9600 bps.

Manutacturer's part#, RSIU

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